Our Team

Great people work here!

Rev. Cordelia Burpee has been pastor of the Congregational Church of South Hero since September 2010. Prior to entering the ministry, she worked for the Illinois Arts Council and several community organizations in Illinois and Ohio – including  a decade at the Public Library of Mount Vernon, Ohio and a storyteller. She has a MDiv from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio and a MA in Community Arts Administration from the University of Illinois, Springfield. She has two grown children, both musicians. She lives with Maggie, a tiny calico cat who remains intent on world domination..

Margaret Nowak began working at the church in 2004.  As office administrator she is responsible for a wide variety of managerial, technical, clerical and support tasks.  Margaret is the face of CCSH, creating a welcoming environment for those visiting and reaching out to our church.

Born in Vermont, her journey has included college graduation in the 1970s, marriage, three children and now grandchildren.  Margaret has resided in seven states with a varied career in clothing/textiles, stay at home mom, Scout leader, school volunteer, retail, banking, and eventually a return to Vermont as a caregiver for her mom. She enjoys vegetable gardening and cooking, reading and sewing . Recognizing the importance and need for community of family, friends and church, Margaret is dedicated to promoting the missions and goals of CCSH.